Shinobi Showdown Download Play in browser
2D physics based ragdoll fighting game
Fifth ludum dare entry, the theme - 'Entire game on one screen'.
Murder On The Dancefloor Download Play in browser
Top-down shooter with a bit of rogue-lite randomized elements.
My very first ludum dare entry. Also, my best result score-wise so far.
The theme was '10 seconds'. Every 10 seconds in the game, difficulty inreases, the music progresses and you get a random powerup.
2D sidescrolling platformer.
Second ludum dare entry, the theme - 'You only get one'.
Blood Pressure Download Play in browser
Third ludum dare entry, the theme - 'Under the surface'.
Controlled entirely with mouse.
Unfinished Crap Play in browser
Title says it all. Some sort of unfinished runner.
Fourth ludum dare entry, the theme - 'Connected Worlds'.
I didnt like the theme at all, but i also didnt want to miss a LD, so this entry is basically just a plug.
The only thing i like about this entry is how it looks, and maybe music.